Hire Offshore Web Developers

Do you want to hire offshore web developers? At BwLogics, we support our clients in accelerating their development processes, concurrently elevating the quality of execution.

Along with providing exceptional custom web development services we have been providing IT staffing services to the companies looking to hire offshore web developers. Do you need competent engineers with the right skills? We have developers to work for you under your management on fixed contracts or hourly jobs. We make sure the resources you hire are capable and available to work right from our office. Avail our top notch staff augmentation services for your web projects.

Hire Remote Web Developers From Pakistan

We offer Offshore Web Developers with a diverse technology stack

At BWLogics, we understand the significance of finding the right web developers for your projects. In today’s landscape, it’s increasingly challenging to locate skilled developers locally due to a shortage of highly skilled engineers.

With remote work becoming increasingly popular, companies can now hire web developers from geographically diverse areas. This means you can find developers proficient in the specific technologies you require at lower pay scales, while avoiding the hassle of maintaining office space and infrastructure.

Our web developers specialize in various technologies and frameworks and are available for remote work and managed directly from our Web Development Lab. They undergo thorough training in coding and development before working on our internal web development projects or for the clients who need IT staffing services from US.

We never face a shortage of competent coders, and we never terminate good Engineers. This ensures they can work in a productive environment and continue to add value to the digital world.

Hiring offshore developers has challenges and we ensure:

  • You get professional and competent Engineers.
  • Our Engineers are proficient in english.
  • We have web coders expert with various in demand web development technologies.
  • We use time tracking and logging software with screenshots.
  • Developers work directly from our office.
  • Your privacy and that of your clients are never compromised.
Being a web development agency, We follow proper screening and provide you with the developers best suitable to your Web project.

Our Web Developers helped us to achieve

200+ Web Apps Coded

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Excellent reviews

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Hire the best offshore web developers faster, better, and cheaper.

We specialize in providing competent offshore web developers at the minimum possible costs. 

Bwlogics helps top businesses and startups create digital products easily and quickly. Many organizations hire remote developers from us to get the most skilled individuals on their development team. 

A successfull web project is done by competent team who understand how to work on a specific problem and coding challenge. Bwlogics offers the best talent to accomplish this, 

We hire fresh Engineers and train them to become highly competent web engineers who can work in Agile, cross functional and self managing teams.

Along with coding principles, we ensure the developers are honest, dedicated and competent enough to understand your idea and align with your vision.

Pricing and costs could be significantly reduced as we have office in the regions where hourly wages can be less when compared to the developed countries, while maintining following standards.

  • Devops Culture.
  • Agile or Waterfall adoption.
  • Adaption to your timezone.
  • Git, Gitlab or Github for version control and collaboration.
  • Adoption to your development processes.


 We make sure you never run out of budget, timeline and most importantly the Quality…!!

Custom Development Services

Hire Offshore Web Developers for following frameworks

PHP Developers

Explore how our skilled offshore developers can help you with PHP solutions.

Laravel Developers

Get the most out of Laravel with our expert offshore developers.

WordPress Developers

Take your WordPress projects to the next level with our skilled remote developers.

Shopify Developers

Boost your online presence and business growth with our remote Shopify developers.

Simple Solutions for Hiring Offshore Web Developers

Are you done with hiring low quality web developers from various freelancing sites? We understand the problems that come with increasing trend in offshore hiring, and the issues that our partners face. A few issues resulting in project failures. Language Barriers,  Unprofessional Developers, NDA’s and Agreements violations, Payment barriers.

If your organization depends upon remote developers and you are actually in search of highly qualified remote developers, you can try our IT Staffing services and you will be amazed by out of box staff augmentation solutions we offer. Some of the best businesses around the globe are already hiring remote developers from us to ensure that their project goes smoothly and takes the minimum possible time. These are the features that made their hiring process smooth and productive.


Long Term commitment, We ensure you dont have to hire a developer every weak.

Fool proof progress tracking.

We access and verify the technical skills to save your time.

Non-Toxic work environment for maximum productivity.

Web Development Services


You can discuss your requirements directly with the Developer or Our managers can get your idea communicated and coded. High quality technical screening to choose the best.24/7 High speed internet connection and adaption to your timezone.

Cost to Hire Offshore Web Developers

Cost and expenses are often the primary reasons for considering offshore web developers. Initially, many teams may hesitate to explore this option due to concerns about managing remote teams. However, at our company, we address all these concerns, making the process seamless.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the pricing and cost savings when hiring web developers through us.

Hourly Contracts

We offer very low hourly pricing,

20 - 50 $/h

Monthly Contracts

A resource hired by you for full month.

2500 -6000$ / m

Per Project Basis

Developer for a project on fixed price.

Depends upon the Project

Why hiring offshore web developers is a need.

Still unsure why hiring offshore web developers is important?  Here are a few key reasons for offshore hiring.

Hectic Hiring Process: We know what it takes to post a job, interview a candidate and discuss the salary. This was hectic for many of them.

High Demand of Global Tech Talent: Companies are desperately hunting for developers around the globe. 

Language Barriers:  Many developers from this region have already got employment in top software firms globally, those who do not speak english well can amazed them with their coding skills and at low cost.

We Manage: We manage all the development team and resources to make sure their deadlines are met.

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Developing software that customers love is a continuous process of collaboration with users, product managers, and experts in the field. 

We’re always helping our clients deliver products that work better for users, are easier to use, and are feature-rich in every way. Bring your ideas to the next level with the latest advancements in software solutions. 

Our professional, trained, and experienced developers can turn your vision into reality. From mobile apps to websites to desktop applications or APIs, we offer a full package of software development services.

We use our combined experience and expertise to help you build great software solutions for your business. We will take your ideas and turn them into reality. We provide teams of software developers and UX designers who have been working together for several years. We use our experience, expertise, and cross-functional skills to create cutting-edge solutions that solve real problems for our clients.

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